Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Undying CRAVINGS!!!

If I haven't mentioned this already, I'll mention this again. I am Asian. Thus, living in this country, I sometimes crave certain food. Also, if rice isn't a part of my diet for a while, I get massive cravings for it. Sometimes, after I eat foreign food such as American, Mexican, Italian, etc, I get cravings for rice. Nothing fills me up like rice does. The fullness that I get from rice is different compares to other food. I really don't know why.

With Vietnamese food, the cravings that I get from time to time is different from when I crave food such as tacos or steak or a burger. Steaks or tacos or burgers are food I get in "the mood" for. Other things such as rice or curry or..."Chè"

"Chè" is a Vietnamese dessert. It's also a dessert I've been craving. Actually, I am not sure if it's strictly Vietnamese, because one I have been craving for is called Chè Thai.

Chè is sort of like a pudding, for the lack of a better word. It's can be liquidy but also a little thick, too-like pudding! Usually the liquid is coconut milk. Sometimes it could be a sort of a caramel sauce. They are devilishly delicious. They are the ice cream of Vietnamese people.

So, several days ago, I was craving for Chè Thai. (Quick lesson on Vietnamese adjectives or modifying words always follow after the noun its modifying...kinda like spanish! So Chè Thai would loosely translated Thai Pudding.)

I hadn't had Chè Thai in a very long time. It is made up of crushed ice, lychee jelly, canned lychee, jackfruit, and jelly. They're all swimming in a deliciously sweet sea of coconut milk.

I don't know why here in America they classify it as a drink because it really is not a drink. It is a dessert. If you order it with your food, all the crushed ice will melt by the time you get around to eating it.

Writing about it makes me crave it oh so much. I think I will have to get myself some soon. You all should try some too.

As always, Happy Eating!


I am all that I am said...

I've never had this before, but now you're making me crave one, too! : )

I am all that I am said...

You posted a picture of my hand pouring a drink. :)