Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That

I am Asian American. Thus, my taste palette has a little bit of Asian mixed with a little bit of American. Some might find that to be a great thing. "You can cook both American and Asian food," they would say, "That's terrific!"

No, no it's not, and no, I can't. Everything I cook is just that: a little bit of Asian mixed with a little bit of American. When I cook American food, or even Italian or Mexican, whatever dish would have a hint of Asian in it. When I cook Asian food, it would taste a little American. Nothing I cook would ever taste exactly like an American dish or an Asian dish.

It's a little frustrating sometimes. I am learning to accept that part of myself. I am a Traveler. I have no definite home (Read my Traveler Blog).

So, with my Asian-American-ness, I spiced up this favorite Vietnamese shrimp dish.

I call it Spiced Pan Roasted Shrimp.

Spiced Pan Roasted Shrimp

green onion/scallions
old bay seasoning
chili powder
fish sauce

1. sprinkle some salt, pepper, old bay seasonings, and chili powder on the shrimps to marinade for about 5-10 mins, longer if you would like.
2. while the shrimps are marinading, sliced up the green onions
3. when the shrimps are done marinading, heat up a pan on high heat and melt the butter
4. add the shrimps, now here, it really depends on your taste, sometimes I like to leave the heat on high and cook the shrimps until it's cooked and there aren't much trace of juices left and then toss in the green onions for about 10-20 seconds.

This time, however, I turned down the heat about half way and let it cook until the shrimp is almost done. Then, I tossed in the green onion and let it cook until the shrimps were all the way cooked.

If anyone really want the original Vietnamese recipe, I can always post it.

I can never cook a traditional Vietnamese dish because I can't. The way I cook is not the same. So, when I crave a traditional Vietnamese dinner, I have to crawl to my aunt's house and eat. They try to teach me, and I try to learn. However, when I cook even when I suppress the creative "what if" urges, it still doesn't taste the same.

It makes me frustrated sometimes. Other times, its not too too bad.

As always, if you're brave enough to try these recipes, tell me how it went. So, Happy Cooking!


Chow and Chatter said...

this looks great nice and simple stopping over from foodblogroll

Chow and Chatter said...

I am all that I am: oh shes nearly a year and hers was just chopped noodles and veggies no spices don't worry would love the recipe though Rebecca rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com

I am all that I am said...

wow! this looks delicious!