Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Perfect cheddar garlic biscuits

Guest post written by Katie Luke
Every time that I go to eat at Red Lobster, I also fill up on cheddar garlic biscuits because I love them so much. That's actually the main reason that I go. The seafood is a far second. But I can't stop going there just for those biscuits. Instead, I decided to try and make some on my own.
I went online to find a good biscuit recipe that would be like that. While I was online looking for recipes, I ran across this great website I looked through it a little bit and after I showed it to my husband, we decided to sign up for one of the satellite internet packages that I found on that website.
I was so glad and excited when ! I found the perfect recipe for my cheddar garlic biscuits. Probably way more excited than I actually should have been! But they turned out pretty well. I think that I would have needed to add in some more butter and cheese to make them taste just like Red Lobster's though.