Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vegetarian Delights

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

For vegetarians, finding great recipes to cook and bake can be a challenge. It seems like so many chefs forget that a large portion of the population are practicing vegetarians and vegans. It can be truly difficult for any vegetarian to find recipes to bake that are within the value system a person practices. However, the show "Vegetarian Delights" exceeds all these norms. This show teaches vegetarians exactly how to bake the most incredible dishes that also taste simply divine. I love watching this show on my Direc4U tv, since I consider myself a practicing vegetarian.

There was a time when I would get very frustrated at the lack of baking options I had as a vegetarian. It seemed every time I turned on the television, I could never find good shows that would teach me how to bake. Many of the shows featured recipes involving meat or other sorts of things prohibited in my diet. I would get so upset that no chefs dedicated any recipes to vegetarians. But, this show has been the answer to all of my problems. I have learned a plethora of great recipes to use from this awesome show. I highly recommend this show to any struggling vegan or vegetarian. From this show, a person will learn all sorts of great recipes that one can incorporate into a diet!