Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Rice DeMystified!!! (Recipe)

As those who follow my blog know, rice is a staple, a must, within my diet. It has to be white rice though. I don't like the taste of brown rice. Nothing against brown rice. I just don't like the taste. Too wheaty.

Anyway, I recent learned a shocking fact. A lot of people within the American community seemed to think that white rice is actually brown rice, but bleached.

(Record scratching sound!!)

As a matter of fact, a few friends of mine (american) seemed to think so too. After so many years of hanging out with me, I never knew they thought so. My first thought was, "Really? Truly really?"

Then, it was followed by, "Why?"

I thought back to all the rice paddies back at my gramma's place. I thought back to all those days picking out the shell that was not milled out within the sea of white rice grain. Then, I asked myself, why would anyone take the time, energy, and money to bleach out brown rice when there are perfectly good wholesome, delicious white rice already?

I couldn't find an answer and no one seemed to be able to give me one. Does any of you have an answer for me?

I love rice. Michael seems to think that rice is awesome because it's bland. I argued with him all the time about this. Rice is definitely not bland. Yes, the rice you by here might not have a lot of taste to it because it was packed away and shipped across an ocean. However, freshly gathered and milled rice at the beginning of rice harvest season is the best and most delicious bowl of rice you'll ever eat.

There's a phrase that you hear a lot around the market around where all the people that are competing to sell you rice, "My rice is as good as rice at the start of harvest!"

When they are that fresh, the rice is subtly sweet and a little nutty. Add a little bit of salt and pepper or soy sauce. It's heaven. Do you know what's even better? Freshly caught fish and vegetable right out of your garden. Eat that meal with freshly harvested rice. It's Heaven! I guarantee you. There's nothing better.

I remember during a summer vacation in Vietnam. A bunch of us went fishing just for fun one day. We caught a bunch of fish. I don't even know what kind of fish they were, but my aunt made them for dinner that night. It was the most delicious meal I have ever eaten. It was simple too. Just fish and rice. Thinking about it now makes me just want to jump on the next flight back. I really miss those days.

As I revel in these memories, I bid you all a happy day. As always, Happy Cooking!