Friday, July 24, 2009

My Great Inspiration!!!

Aside from being a Food-a-holic, I am also a Graphic Designer, filmmaker, animator, poet, writer, and so much more. Although my drive has decreased a lot lately due to changes and stress, sometimes I still urges to do things. That's why there a times when I go on cooking/baking/eating binges of certain things. It's also why when I cook I never cook the same thing twice.

I always has urges of inspirations, "what ifs" moments, and "oooh, maybe I should...". There are a few recipes in which I stay true to. One of them is a Tuna and Macaroni Casserole. Sometimes I put mashed potatoes in it. Sometimes I don't. I like potatoes, but since this special treat is usually an order from my brother. I cook the way he likes it. I really don't know how else to change it though. So, it stays as is.

For the rest of the time, though, I find creative ways to do things even when I try not to.

As I mentioned above, I am a filmmaker or at least for now, an aspiring filmmaker. I co-own an animation company. This has nothing to do with the animation company, though. I have been trying for months to come up with a show or at least a concept for an animated show for a company in Japan. So, as I was thinking and going through what to write for today's post, an idea came to me. It's not so much an original idea but I want to make a show about food/cooking and such.

I like transforming magical girls show. So, I thought I should incorporated it somehow. Michael wants me to do a Magical Girl as Defender of Good Food and fight against Evil Organization of Obesity and Bad Food. It sounds a little too out there for me though. I don't know I'm still thinking about that so...yeah...Will keep you all posted.

EDIT: For those of you who knows a thing or two about anime and japanese shows, just think about it in terms of shows you know. I was thinking something a long the line of a cross between Sailor Moon and Yakitate Japan! What do you all think? Too much? Too least for Japan? Too weird?