Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day Appreciation Post!

I just read a very interesting article on Yahoo news today relating to Father's Day Gifts. This was after I called my own old man to wish him a Happy Father's Day! The interesting part of reading the article wasn't the article but the comments that followed the article.

I glanced past all the rants and ravings from kids and wives. The comments I wanted to read was from all the fathers defending how much they loved the little macaroni picture frames their kids made them and the #1 Dad shirts their kids got them. Most said that all they really wanted was time with their kids and hugs and I love you's.

A few of the comments were vulgar. A few of the comments praised the writer of the post. Some were funny. Most did not like the singing bass fish plaque. A few actually did like them.

Hidden among them were words that brought tears to my eyes. One man wrote that his one rule was no store-bough gift. Even if it was just an X on a piece of paper if they were too busy, that was what he wanted because it told him that they were stressed and were having a hard time still they took 2 seconds out of their day to think about him. One man was even angry at the article for mentioning that homemade gifts were mentioned in the article.

What are your thoughts?

Every year I always folded a piece of paper in half. I drew flowers and squiggly lines and stars. I wrote a few lines and signed "from me". When I did have money to buy gifts, they always accompanied the same folded piece of paper.

I am 23 now. Last year, I was too busy to fold that piece of paper and draw and write. I called him, though. He sounded sad. He sounded sad when I called him and no cards were in his hand. I assured him that one is coming.

Who knows? Maybe mine is just more sentimental than the rest.

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