Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Binging is bad...?

I've been on a cooking binge lately. I've cooked up a few batches of an pan, rice cakes-mochi to be exact, miso ramen, udon, and more recently, melon pan(bread). And yes, I've been in a japanese mood, too. I got Michael a japanese cookbook for Christmas. He likes japanese food. I think he has a japanese complex, but that's beside the point.

I TOTALLY failed at making mochi. Instead of the yummy and gooey rice cake that I love, it came out very dough-ey...powdery almost. I tried a bunch of different recipes and a few improvised ways. It still sucked.

I am very sad at this.

Peter and Michael loved my an pan. Well, this is more of a custard pan than an pan. I didn't have red bean paste or red bean so I made custard instead. Although my custard pan was well received, I am still not happy with them. They weren't at fluffy as I want them to be. But I think my next try will be better.

My miso ramen and udon was good. I really like them and so does my two judges, Michael and Peter. But, I want to improve them more. That really just mean me eating more ramen and udon. There really isn't many ramen nor udon houses, but I'll be in California for New Year so I will con people into taking me then.

My melon bread turned out really good. I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, my first batches of anything, even first batches of things I've made before into perfection a while ago, never turned out just the way I intend it to. The only thing that went wrong was that I didn't take the filling into account so there wasn't enough cookie dough, and some of the bread was breaking because of the bread dough rising. Still, the bread itself is quite tasty. I just need to double up the cookie dough ingredients.

I will post the recipe tomorrow. Until then, Happy Eating!

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