Monday, September 12, 2011

Love it!

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

My wife and I got some packages a while back and to be honest, we didn’t really watch much TV with it at first. Mostly because our tastes in shows are really different but I finally figured out what’s going to bring us together – college football! It’s starting super soon and since she and I both went to college together we really like to watch the Golden Bears beat up on all the other teams in the conference every Saturday. She was kind enough to let me get the huge plasma when we bought the house so I think I’m going to throw one or two football parties to have some buds over and drink beer and watch games all day and I know she’s going to be totally there, too! That’s part of the reason I love my wife – I mean, how many pretty girls do you know that drink beer and watch football with the best of them? That’s why she’s a real keeper in my eyes and in everyone else’s!

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