Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life's little surprise.

Life's been pretty hectic ever since I got my new job nine months ago. I hadn't really cooked within that time either. Michael does more of the cooking now. Although, every once in awhile, I would crave something and make it myself since Michael's repertoire is very limited.

Also, right now, I live in a very small place. It's a 460sq. ft. studio apartment with a teeny tiny kitchen which includes a teeny tiny fridge. There are no place for anything. It bare stocks a small portion of mine and michael's stuff. Laundry is also expensive too. Well, since we can't hook up washer and dryer, it would get really expensive. So, we've been lugging laundry to my dad's place to do laundry every other weekend.

...That is until his dryer broke. Now, driving 40 mins to Mission Viejo only to wash your clothes and then lug it back to dry is not a very efficient and cost effective way to do things. So, any good place to buy home appliances? This place seems good. But they're in Canada. Wish they were closer.

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