Friday, May 8, 2009

Curry Cups!

With my current situation, unemployed and without any funds, cooking has been a challenge. I am torn excitement and frustration. With limited ingredients, I am forced to be more creative with the things I make. Also, with limited ingredients, I get frustrated because I can't just go in a make something quick.

I am always running out of meat and veggies. My cupboards are getting more and more roomy. Everything I make, I have to make it from scratch. It's getting harder and harder to come up with meals idea let alone quick meals ideas. I'm always running out or completely out of something. The only thing that seems to be consistent flour and water. Even then, the flour is getting low.

Anyway, one gloomy Sunday morning, I stood in front of the fridge staring, again. A care-package came in from Michael's mom. In it were some peanut butter, bean soup bags, and a few instant curry package. I wanted curry -yes, even for breakfast...although it was already past noon. However, there were nothing to eat with the curry. I was a little sad and annoyed, again. Then, Michael had the idea of making a curry-bread with the pre-made Pillsbury dough I still had in my fridge.

*DING* While I was staring at the dough and the muffin tray, which just happened to be there - My kitchen seriously needs cleaning. An idea popped into my head. This is what came out of it.

That's right. Curry Cups. I cut out the dough. Pressed it into the muffin cups and then pour the curry into it and baked it. It turned out pretty delicious. It's pretty cute. I think when my situation turns better and I can have company over for dinner. I will make these again. They make great little appetizer. What do you think?

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Kid Eternity said...

I love biscuit-in-a-can for quick fixes. In our house we make spanikopta from them- stuff triangles with spinach, onions, feta & spices. The curry ones baked in muffin tins is brilliant! And cute. Cute is always welcome at dinner!